Encinitas’ Ella McCaffray finished second in the Indonesian surfing competition

Encinitas surfer Ella McCaffray saw Indonesia’s dream come true at the World Surf League Qualifying Series events this June. McCaffray finished second in the Krui Pro QS 5000 and Nias Pro QS 5000, beating some of the top surfers from Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Krui and Nias Pros were absolutely amazing! I had a really great experience competing outside of my area, made some awesome new friends and made a lot of great memories,” said McCaffray, 19. “It was my first trip to Indonesia and the surfing exceeded my expectations. It was a dream come true to be able to surf clean, shoot lefts and throw rights with only one girl out.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to compete in these events and spend so much time on these incredible waves. It was by far the best surf I’ve ever competed in.

Ella McCaffray competes in the Nias Pro in Indonesia.