4 stolen in downtown Encinitas early Sunday

Four men in ski masks, armed with knives and a gun, robbed a group of four in downtown Encinitas shortly after midnight on Sunday morning, June 12, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department reported.

Four victims – two men and two women – were robbed of jewelery and money near the intersection of South Vulcan Avenue and East E Street, the department said. Four robbers wearing ski masks were described as Hispanic men in their mid-20s.

After the robbery, the robbers drove north along South Volcanic Avenue in an older black limousine with oxidized paint, the department said. The man with the gun was dressed in a white shirt with a collar or flannel shirt and long Dickies shorts. The other three men wore dark shirts and long Dickies shorts.

Deputies could not find the vehicle and are investigating the incident. Anyone with information should call the North Coast Sheriff’s Office at 760-966-3500.